Nicaragua Blend Coffee

Nicaragua Blend Coffee

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Available in a 12oz bag

Certification/Grading: SHG/EP

Roast: Medium

Life on the Pacific Coast at Day House Malibu is brimming with crisp, salty air, light scents of blooming bougainvillea, and an abundance of fresh fruit. The sense of freedom and tranquility felt here is ground and packaged into our Nicaragua Coffee blend. Expect a cup bursting with notes of cocoa, citrus flavors, and floral tones in every sip of gourmet Java.

The coffee beans of this blend are harvested by Smallholder farmers from Molino Norte, Nicaragua in mineral rich, clay soil, before they are washed, fermented, and sun dried. We then roast our beans in small batches until they reach the ideal medium to satisfy your coffee craving.

Every morning this incredible cup of Nicaragua blend coffee will transport you to the Day House in Malibu, transforming a life with every sip!

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