The Day House History

 The Day House was designed and constructed in 1956 by world-renowned artist Tony Rosenthal. 


Rosenthal created the iconic "Alamo" sculpture in New York City.


He has been featured in Architectural Digest and his artwork is in the permanent collections at MoMA and the Whitney. The property's original front door was carved by Rosenthal himself, featuring his initials and the Roman numerals for 1956, the year he built the home. In 1957, the original house was photographed and the photo is now part of the Library of Congress collection.



Almost a decade later, the Day family, who are the founders of Jafra Cosmetics, purchased the house from Rosenthal.



The Day House still belongs to the family’s estate, and they are dedicated to maintaining the property's architectural authenticity and carrying on Jan and Frank's legacy. The residence is now a hub for filming, events, retreats, and meetings, creating memorable moments for everyone who enters. Our lifestyle products are inspired by the home and the unique beach culture of Malibu.


Here's a toast from the Bu!