Latin American Blend Coffee

Latin American Blend Coffee

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Available in a 12oz bag

Roast: Medium-Dark

Capture life in the South West at Day House Malibu perfectly with a blend of nutty goodness, hints of fruity zest, and a smooth cocoa aftertaste. The rich aroma of our Latin America Blend coffee will awaken your passion and rouse your senses - a delicious gourmet coffee to tantalize your taste buds. 

Our coffee beans are grown in the shade of the rain forests of Central America in volcanic soil. To ensure a rich, pleasant taste of Java, and maintain the land for decades to come, we use an environmentally friendly washed process and dry our product in full sun for up to 7 days.

Every morning this incredible cup of Latin America Blend coffee will transport you to the Day House in Malibu, transforming a life with every sip!

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