Gourmet Donut Shop Coffee

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Roast: Light/MediumMedium

Day House Malibu's Gourmet Donut Shop Coffee is inspired by our love for the fresh pastries at our local bakery which feature a vast array of freshly baked goods every morning. This perfectly balanced light-medium roast coffee blend was crafted to accompany your favorite morning treats! On the palette you will taste soft notes of cocoa, caramel, toffee and mild fruits. A perfectly balanced morning coffee that offers a stronger flavor to accompany your favorite morning pastries. Do Nut miss out on this coffee!

Every morning this incredible cup of Gourmet Donut Shop coffee will transport you to the Day House in Malibu, transforming a life with every sip!

100% of our net profits are donated to the Jan & Frank Day Foundation, a non-profit charity that continues the legacy of Jan and Frank Day by inspiring and supporting women to succeed in life